Derrykyle Gardens blood  sweat  tears  satisfaction

Some of the colour

Early Colour

The first things coming to bloom in the garden here are my Camelias of which there are two great big thriving examples that probably have 100 plus flowers out each, then there are snowdrops and huge drifts of daffodils, they are a pleasure. Come April bluebells are out and the yellow gorse and budelia are looking great.

May June and July

The place is awash with colour from Roddies and Azelias foxgloves and all sorts, and the grass is growing so fast it needs cut before you finish cutting it. And the mackerel are here so fishing is a good excuse to get away for a few hours. Made a firepit last year that also turns into a fish smoker.

Design & Planning

I am not designing any of the garden, renovations ideas just come to us on what needs doing next and most of the renovating happens in the Winter months when there are no midgies and the grass doesn’t need constantly mown and the vegies and flower beds need weeding.