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About Derrykyle Cottage

The green oasis in the bog

You can see just how barren the bog is in Connemara from the overhead shot opposite, and the amount of softwoods I have chopped down at the front of the house. On the lawn at the front now are carvings I made of animals, bears and the like from the stumps of trees. The ponds and shelter meant the place was alive with midges in the summer, thankfully now there is more breeze getting through and they are not as bad. On opening up the garden more and more different types of plants bushes and trees were revealed, most of them needed pruning back really hard as they were very woody but now they are all flowering and enjoying the extra light. My brother in law John has been helping me with lots of good advice as he is a gardener by trade and last year I got some helpers from Helpx website to give me a hand. Come the Spring and Summer its a lot of work even just keeping the place mown never mind clearing new areas.