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Our Oasis in the Connemara Bog

Derrykyle Cottage and Gardens

In 2012 we bought about 5.5 acres of land with a 1980,s single story cottage in Derrykyle near Rossaveal where the ferries leave for the Aran Islands. The views from the house towards the Maam Turk mountains across the bog and Costello River were stunning and a main selling point. The house had not been lived in and was needing some TLC and the garden well it was like one big bramble bush. Anyway we took the plunge and I have been doing wee projects ever since. To give you an idea of how things were in the early days below is the google street view taken in 2009
All those scruffy trees are down now and most have been burnt for firewood or turned into chainsaw artworks and you can actually see the house from the road.
In May of 2017 we invested in a polytunnel so as well as the crops I am growing in raised beds and on top of the percolation area I now have more tender plants growing in the tunnel. Its the end of June here as I type and I already have had lots of strawberries, basil and pak choi harvests.  
The new tunnel with its surround of bark chippings 3 weeks in and the cucumbers, tomatoes, basil courgettes and strawberries are growing well The mulch on these beds is whelk shells recycled from the beach on top of an old carpet to stop the weeds The view from the house down the garden A new creation was a jetty for the pond. Chainsaw creations liven up my garden and are much loved by kids and adults alike
In December I collect a couple of trailer loads of weed from the beach and spread it over my vegetable beds and this year I got a trailer load of rotted cow manure for the pollytunnel in exchange for some shopkeeping work. The barter system works well. It seems every year that I make new discoveries of plants that had been starved of light and now are spring back to health these include the ones below.
The previous owners must have spent a lot of money on plants which got lost in the undergrowth I am reaping the rewards now, just some needed relocating and others trimmed back hard. My major problems are brambles, bracken and skunk weed and the rate the grass grows at but this garden will always be a work in progress so I do not let them stress me.